Living joyfully…blessed solitude.

Here I am again, alone in the moon.

Quiet…hush…silence…the moments slipping by without a word.

Darkness…velvet…the night-time welcoming me again.

This is me,  here and now,  feeling the wildness that motherhood cannot dim. Wishing for the winds to take me into that luminescent sky.

To shake off my corporeality, the slowness of flesh.   Now, not earth mother,  not the curve of limbs and lash of hair.

Not the golden goddess from my child’s eye. Now, silver and quick,  alone, and unfettered, shriven, free.

It is only me here.

In the space between the people,

there exists a sacred silence.

A memory of some violent change.

That formed a shape of intolerable beauty.

Just barely seen under the light.

But comes alive,  alone at night…



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  1. * sarah says:

    I just read your blog posts and I love them. Can’t wait to revisit your blog….found you in Wild Sister magazine….. my son is almost one year old. You make me really want to try cloth diapers………. on fb my name is Sarah Wilde

    | Reply Posted 6 years, 10 months ago

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