Living joyfully…blessed solitude.

Here I am again, alone in the moon.

Quiet…hush…silence…the moments slipping by without a word.

Darkness…velvet…the night-time welcoming me again.

This is me,  here and now,  feeling the wildness that motherhood cannot dim. Wishing for the winds to take me into that luminescent sky.

To shake off my corporeality, the slowness of flesh.   Now, not earth mother,  not the curve of limbs and lash of hair.

Not the golden goddess from my child’s eye. Now, silver and quick,  alone, and unfettered, shriven, free.

It is only me here.

In the space between the people,

there exists a sacred silence.

A memory of some violent change.

That formed a shape of intolerable beauty.

Just barely seen under the light.

But comes alive,  alone at night…



just a typical day of work…

Today at work my two bosses were so mean! First they trashed my desk and threw all my mail all over the floor. When I asked them to stop they threw their heads back and screamed while I cleaned it up. Then one of them came over to talk to me, he got too close and accidentally head butted me right in the nose! I really saw stars for a minute, but what could I do? I work for them! Then one of them poked me in the eye with a straw just to see what I would do. I really thought about quitting at that moment but I stuck it out. Then they took their mid day break, I breathed a sigh of relief and quickly cleaned my work area. But to my dismay they came back an hour early and swiftly destroyed every thing I had one. What could I do? I just gave up and sat back and watched them destroy the entire office. I’ll just stay after hours to get everything done just in time for them to ruin it again tomorrow! Ah…just a typical day of working for two little boys!