So what do I do now?

I’ve spent hours (ok maybe just one hour) customizing this blog,  making it my own, making it pretty.  Now I’m sitting here trying to write my first post and…nothing. Last night I lay in bed and a multitude of ideas kept me awake far longer than I should have been and now…nothing. So I’m free writing, so to speak, while my one year old beats me around the head and neck with a DVD cover. He calls it peek-a-boo, I call it torture. So, lesson learned, next time ideas deluge me in the night I will commit them to paper. At any rate, my aim for this blog is to document my inner life and make it available for the first time ever. To bring my hidden facets out to meet the world and hopefully to find life there. I may be rusty at this writing game and flub my sentence structure but I’m hoping I’ll improve over time.  I don’t know if anyone will read this, I’m ambivalent about that actually, but if a stray visitor happens upon me I hope you will leave a word or two saying you were here. Tara


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